We Define Standards in SAP

To create innovations and to establish them as standards you need the right mix of expertise, market proximity, and vision. Founded by DePfa Bank (now: Aareal Bank) and the technology consulting firm CSC-Ploenzke (now: DXC Technology) in 2000 iBS AG combines these success factors like almost no other player in the market.

Over the years and with the help of partners and customers iBS AG became one of the world's leading suppliers of add-on and solutions for SAP Banking.

Milestones from 20+ years iBS AG

  • 2000

    Founding of iBS AG

  • 2002

    iBS develops
    SAP Reserve for Bad Debts

    On behalf of SAP iBS developes the valuation allowance component of SAP for Banking SAP RBD.

  • 2004

    iBS develops
    the extrended iBS-ALP

    iBS Automatic Loan Processor enables highly efficient, industrial loan processing and lays the foundation for the first SAP-based credit factory.

  • 2006

    iBS develops
    Regulatory Reporting by iBS

    The "RR-Analyzer" is the world's first partner solution for the SAP Bank Analyzer.

  • 2008

    iBS develops
    SAP Capital Yield Tax Management

    The withholding tax component of SAP for Banking. In 2011 SAP CYT is acquired by SAP AG.

  • 2010

    iBS qualifies for
    SAP Certified Enterprise Support Integration

    iBS is one of the first SAP partners world-wide to certify.

  • 2012

    iBS develops
    iBS Foreign Account Identification & Reporting

    The tax compliance solution iBS-FAIR enables iBS customers to implement FATCA, CRS & Co efficiently and sustainably.

  • 2014

    iBS develops
    iBS-FIS & iBS-BASS

    The innovative banking suites iBS-BASS and iBS-FIS enable building associations and development banks to run their specific business on the base of reliable, cost-effictive standard software.

  • 2016

    iBS welcomes
    100. employee

    New customers. New products. New employees. iBS extends its team and office

  • 2018

    iBS Building Association Software

    iBS extends the building society software BASS to fit to the needs of three leading private building societies in Germany.

  • 2020

    iBS credit solution in production

    Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall is the first customer to go live with the credit part of the iBS-BASS home savings solution.

  • 2022

    iBS joins SKS Group and
    iBS-BASS savings goes live

    iBS becomes a member of the SKS Group and the first building society takes iBS-BASS productive for the savings phase.

  • 2023

    iBS to becomes part of the Accenture family

    Accenture acquires SKS Group, strengthening its capabilities in technology, consulting and regulatory services.

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